EcoPaper Bind Equipment

This revolutionary new binding system is attractive secure and eco-friendly. Using paper punched on a traditional 19 ring plastic comb binding system, the EcoPaper bind binding system inserts a patented recycled paper tape element that securely binds your documents.

Features and Benefits:

Versatile – The Eco Paper Bind binding system will bind documents from 4 sheets to 200 sheets of paper, the documents can easily be stacked, stored and filed to line up with each other perfectly for easy organization. 

Elegant - Eco Paper Bind are offered a variety of attractive colors that will compliment any corporate brand identity.

Eco-friendly - Green initiatives are key factors in every corporate buying decision made today. The materials used toproduce the paper combs are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Economical - Eco Paper Bind comes in three sizes, which will reduce inventory requirements, while still allowing for documents up to 200 sheets.

Secure – The Eco Paper Bind system allows the bound document to be completely protected. The pages are locked together and cannot be detached or removed. Whether using it for legal purposes or financial reports, just add your stamp or seal and the tamper-proof document is completely secure.

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